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Kickstarter Preview – not yet live and is a work in progress

This is a work in progress and won’t be finalized until Monday. Please send me feedback but be aware that it is not finished yet and will change.


Polyhedron Collider mention from UKGE 2017


Zatu Games Interview

Everdark Preview by Zatu Games


Airecon Catchup with Polyhedron Collider

Polyhedron Collider – mentioned at 43:20


Polyhedron Collider first impressions in 2016

First Impressions by Polyhedron Collider


Birmingham Mail Article mention

News Article


Zatu Q&A

Q&A with Zatu Games


UKGE 2016

We’ve come a long way in a year. Here Mike from Who Dares Rolls found me at UKGE and had to interview me. I was really humbled by this, and I loved every second. He found me again this year. So nice have such a genuine fan. You rock Mike!


Above is the game being showcased at UKGE 2016 with “Who Dares Rolls” – (


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