“Ultimately there can only be one to rule over the City of Phos.… assuming there is even anything that survived. For what is there to rule over, if all that’s left is shadow and death?” – The Council


Everdark – KickStarter June 17th 2017

Everdark is the upcoming board game to be released by Walrus Games. The project is to be launched on KickStarter on June 17th 2017


Everdark is a 1-4 rotating maze strategy game where team work is encouraged but by no means guaranteed. It is a mid-level game taking from 1-2 hours to play. The length of the game can depend on the rule variation used by players. The key reasoning for that, is that the use of the timer (whilst recommended) is not compulsory. This, among other rules, allows flexibility among players to play Everdark in a way of their own choosing.




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UKGE 2016

We’ve come a long way in a year. Here Mike from Who Dares Rolls found me at UKGE and had to interview me. I was really humbled by this, and I loved every second. He found me again this year. So nice have such a genuine fan. You rock Mike!


Above is the game being showcased at UKGE 2016 with “Who Dares Rolls” – (http://www.whodaresrolls.com/)

The interview shows the game in its current state and talks viewers through the current gameplay elements. The kickstarter is being pushed back as I work on alterations to the rules, but all things point to positive outcomes and exciting results in the future!


EVERDARK – UK Games Expo Advert


Everdark Advert



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