“Ultimately there can only be one to rule over the City of Phos.… assuming there is even anything that survived. For what is there to rule over, if all that’s left is death and ruin?” – The Council

Everdark is the upcoming board game to be released by Walrus Games. The project is currently still in development with the kick-starter campaign to be launched in 2016!


Above is the game being showcased at UKGE 2016 with “Who Dares Rolls” – (http://www.whodaresrolls.com/)

The interview shows the game in its current state and talks viewers through the current gameplay elements. The kickstarter is being pushed back as I work on alterations to the rules, but all things point to positive outcomes and exciting results in the future!


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What is Everdark?

A rotating maze strategy game for 2-4 players, where teamwork is encouraged, but by no means guaranteed.  You get 3 minutes each round to hastily navigate the constantly twisting and changing labyrinth of city streets and save the people from the horrors in the dark.

Gain power. Take control. Stay alive!

To win, you must change the layout of the maze and gain enough influence with the 3 city factions to be elected ruler of the city. You’ll work together at the start, but as heroes emerge, rivalries will form! There can only be one to rule over the City. However if you don’t protect the city, then everything will be lost! For what is there to rule over, if all that’s left is death and ruin?

There is currently nothing like this game on the market, so you’ll be part of a unique experience!

What stage is it at?

This game has reached the end of its development, but needs your help to reach the final stage – getting into your hands! To do this, all you need to do is pre-order a copy on our Kickstarter campaign, (coming soon!)


The kickstarter campaign will begin in June. To pre-order a copy, back the Kickstarter and the game will be delivered directly to you by the end of the year!


Play Testing

The game will be available to test and play at stall B27 at the UK Games Expo 2016.






The Everdark

This place is a never ending ocean of night. In all directions, for as far as anyone can tell, there is only the empty barren void. To venture there brings death. The lost city of Phos lies hidden in this hell. The people survive this existence only through the protection of the Tri-fires, a mighty light that keeps the darkness at bay. These are powered by 3 Light Cores. They are the life and heart of this city. How they got there has fallen into Legend, known only by the Lightbringer, ruler of the city of light. It is this figure who guides the people in the most desperate hour of need.



The Lightbringer

This person is a being who guards the Tri-Fires, day and night. They are chosen for being the most powerful person within the city. When a ‘Lightbringer’ dies, a new one is selected by ‘The Enlightened Council’ from within the ranks of the Guardians’. The chosen Guardian is to lead them until their final breath. This one chosen, is the one who commands the most respect and influence. The council consists of the elders of the city, chosen by the Lightbringer for their wisdom and insight to the world around them.



The City of Phos

The city itself is protected by 4 countermeasures. The first is the perimeter of lights and walls that keep the darkness out. The powerful walls are almost impenetrable and have stood as long as the city itself. The second line of defence is the ‘Phos Security Force’. They patrol the streets and scout the Everdark for any dangers. The third defence is the city itself that regularly changes its layout, preventing any threat from moving too far into the heart of the city. When the walls are breached, the city twists and turns, creating an unpredictable labyrinth of streets and dead ends.

The fourth? The last line of defence? You are the last line.




You are a Guardian, a member of an order that is the hand of the Lightbringer. You are the many fingers that carry out the Lightbringer’s bidding. A Guardian is an enlightened being who can channel their own spirit in the forms of light and shadow. Both require massive amounts of concentration and energy to wield, but have been mastered over your lifetime. Your order is as almost as old as the city itself, and it is through this order and the oversight of the Lightbringer that the city has been able to endure. Your interventions at the times of great need have been all that has stopped the horrors outside from plunging the city into eternal dark.




The Skiá

The horrors outside? The Skiá. They are formless shadows that dwell in the Everdark. Their shape is ever shifting. It is unknown what they are or what they want, only that they will be the end of us all. Fortune is with us, as they are repulsed by the energy from the Tri-fire. If its light was to ever dwindle and extinguish, then nothing will remain. They would drain all the life from the city, consuming every spirit that lies within. This cannot be allowed to happen.

–              –              –              –              –              –              –              –              –              –              –

Present Day

Today you are all gathered in the central halls, beneath the tri-fires themselves. Before you an unimaginable sight. The Lightbringer lies slain, drained of all energy. At his feet, the shattered remains of one of the 3 light cores that keeps the Tri-fire burning. Was it by the hands of a traitor or a tragic accident? There is no time to point fingers, the Light above you all flickers and the cries can be heard from all over the city. A nearby explosion. Chaos has entered the walls. Before you all leave, you notice that there are still 2 cores unaccounted for. Only one is needed to keep the Lights going. It must be found. Protect the city. Destroy the Skiá. Lead the people. Become the next Lightbringer!