February 2017 – Update

Hey guys,

So February is upon us, and UKGE 2017 is just over 3 months away! YIKES! That came quickly. I’m currently building together the Kickstarter campaign, drawing up new logos, adverts, designing the layout of the campaign…. and the video. See below for more details.



I felt the old Logo was too busy, and I never felt 100% settled on it. However, now the need to update it has arisen, and so I had a go at changing it today. I might change it again in the future, but for now I feel it just looks a bit neater. Anyway, I will always be happy to hear of any feedback and what can be done to make it better. So please drop me a message if you don’t like it.

Old Logo

logo final 3

New Logonew-logo-icon-1



Nothing to physically show… Well.. not quite. I will see if the original video footage is to a suitable quality. My brother deleted the original take by accident… so the video likely needs to be re-shot. Sad times. Nevermind, – the new video will be done over March/April, with my friend who is a film director (she owe’s me a favour) 😉 so we’re really excited to be working together to get the kickstarter video going soon! Watch this space!



I am going to be ordering the prototype this coming Friday, along with another game prototype that myself and a wonderful fellow in America have been working on. It’s been completely unwraps so far – but once the prototype for that has been ordered, I’ll make a huge announcement for that too.

Next month I am going to be showing a side by side comparison of the old game with the newest version. I want everyone to see that there have been significant improvements on all aspects of the game – I am just regretful of how long it all has taken. Oh well… not much longer to go, I assure you!


Latest Artwork

Below is the latest piece of artwork by Filipe, and this event is called “Last Light”, set in the centre of the city, and is the hardest one to complete (within the city walls).



Anyway, I will add more to this post last in the week – just wanted to get an update out of whats going on.


Thank you for stopping by and supporting me! I am grateful for you taking the time to read this, and hope you stop by again soon!


Have a fantastic day!!

– Ed

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