New Year Update!

Hey everyone! It’s been a while. Story since September of whats been happening. Things have been all over the place, and I think the best policy is total transparency, so you can all understand the delay in my schedule.



September – Struggling with finances and needed to find a new job. So I got a new job and moved to London from York. Huge upheaval of my life, financially, mentally, socially… career-ally? I spent all of my time in September looking for a place to live… and this continued well into October. Funding for the game from my personal savings dried up when I went to China to save my relationship back in August. This meant I couldn’t afford the parts I needed to finish.


October – I went to Essen in Germany to attend Spiel with a space very generously provided by Happy Otter Games. The wonderful Orhan Ertughrul helped me promote and meet so many people, however I was flying under the radar due to how last minute the event was for me. Cost a fair bit to go to Essen, and I finally found a flat. The deposit wasn’t cheap. My saving dried up… again… You see a pattern forming here? Low wages, no support and living in London doesn’t mix well with business startups. Then my relationship completely crashed out hard… Ah. Choice was work on Everdark or move to China with her.  Guess which I chose?

Not gonna lie, was very demoralized and just gave up. I stopped working for a while. I did little bits, but I was majorly out of it.


November – My sulk lasted a while and I focused on not getting fired in my new job. I had no desk and my desktop was pretty broken, I could barely use Photoshop. End of November I got some much needed funding for the game and the project was able to push forward again to begin the final completion of the artwork. Filipe Ferreira is working incredibly hard on completing the last of the illustrations. It’s going to take him close until February to finish… His beautiful work finally inspired me to really get going again, and I went and redesigned the board to match the feel of the world he was drawing for me.


December – Rodolfo is now back in business and working on the final models. Filipe kept working on his artwork and continued to blow me away with his interpretation of my pretty poor descriptions of the world. Maybe he can read my mind?

The Christmas period then arrived and it slowed Rodolfo, Filipe and I right down as we took breaks over Christmas to be with our families and take a break.


January – Now have a new Laptop that will allow me to work on the game properly, and I even have a desk to work on! So I am now finishing up the redesigned item cards and event cards (AGAIN!) and then the final versions can be printed by and I can take it around the country and get some more test-plays done and get people to review the game. This is going to be the exciting time!


Next Stages!

Currently the aim is to have the kickstarter launching by March, so fingers crossed I can get that up and running ASAP. I am still working on the quote and getting the samples delivered.


As a reward for all your reading and patience with me, here is a the artwork that’s been completed so far!! Enjoy! 🙂 I will be sending copies to all email subscribers soon as a thank you for your patience and understanding, and love for the game! You guys rock!!



Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

– Ed

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