Update: September 2016

Good evening one and all, this update is a couple of hours late, I didn’t quite get back home when planned. Anyway, the update is as follows:


Updated Board

Now, one of the things I heard when people where test playing the game was the board was a little hard to read. Yes, beautiful but confusing. That being, due to the elevation of the rings, it made it hard to see the paths on the opposite side to where you were sat. So, I know it might not make sense, but every space on a ring has the potential to let you go up . This is only as long as it aligned with the path that lets you go down. Now this might sound easier, once the board starts losing places, you’ll find yourself having to twist the board more and more. See picture of board below.

old low red board.jpg
Older map, but paths were hard to read. See example at end of section.
low res board.jpg
New but Unfinished map.

You might also note that the borders between ring levels is thicker. Alas, this was needed, because when the game is manufactured, they will need to punch out each ring. This makes accuracy hard. So a thicker border between levels, means even if it is not 100% central, it will cut any of the artwork.

I would like to finally add that this new board is not 100% finished. I am going to widen the paths more in places and make the entrances and gate in the city more defined, like in the old board. This just reflects the board in its current state of development. It’s still roughly a week away from being finished.

13941100_10154092791659934_579621134_n (1).jpg
Blocked path details when playing game. 😦

As you can see, the details on the other side of the map meant that players couldn’t see the path, and often ignored the paths in confusion and started performing illegal moves. I do miss the old board, however when the new one is finished, it will be worth it.


New Models

Above you can see the new temples (replacing the “armoury”) in the corners. These will have a dice upgrade for players. A better reason to risk your life outside tackling the Skiá. These have now replaced the armouries which had supply cubes on them. It was noted that they were rarely sought after, as players were cycling through the ones inside fast enough not to need these. However, with the combat system of completing events completely being over hauled, these new D8 dice will give you a much needed edge later in the game. I will explain the new dice shortly.

First of 4 designs. The ratios will be thickened for strength and the staff will look more like a Lamp.


New cards

Still tweaking the cards, however not much has changed for them. Same with the item tokens. However the reward dice have been removed for cost reasons, and replaced by fixed rewards for completion. These rewards are:

  • Items
  • Support cubes (originally supply)
  • Spirit
  • Victory points

This will, again, streamline the rounds and reduce confusion, as players know exactly what they’re playing for. Why did I not use the dice? Cost is one reason, as custom dice increase the costs. Secondly, players were breaking the game by going for some pretty broken combinations which offered reduced challenge to the game. One good roll resulted in a player being significantly more powerful than another player.

Hopefully new shots of these cards will be up later in the week.


New player boards

The old player boards were huge and impractical. Took up too much space and had too much going on. I’ve streamlined them to really reflect the refined rules that will make game-play more smooth and hopefully, more exciting.

So old board on the left, new on the right. The new one has “PNEUMA” which means, Spirit. Spirit is replacing energy. The black squares will be punched out to allow cubes to be moved up and down and not slip.The jagged top allows the item tokens to be slotted into these areas, allowing a maximum of 3 items at a time. This is like last time. Abilities have currently being removed and will be developed on a later date.


New dice rules

Players move around the map with 4 movement actions a turn. They can also have access to 1 “key” per turn. These “keys” are coloured dice that control the coloured rings of the map. So to turn a ring, you roll the D6 and can turn it that many spaces. There are numerous items that will allow for enhanced turns or even use of multiple keys. This will make getting items increasingly relevant to the game as players can use them to speed their journey around the city, allowing them to complete more events.

# Coloured keys and spirit dice.


New Darkness Marker

Finally, the last change, is the addition of the darkness wheel. This disk will make it easier for players to track the devastation of the city and which areas of the map are still safe. The outer number shows how many sections (0-30) have succumbed to darkness, and as this occurs, which of the coloured rings are still safe.

New darkness tracker

So in the picture above, at 5 sectors lost to darkness, the green, red, yellow and blue sectors are still safe. It is ok to finish your turns in them. If the colour is no longer visible, then it is considered in darkness, and if you finish your turn in that space, you must fight against the darkness itself and the horrors that lie within. Yes, I know, it a rough prototype, I have lost my workshops and my machinery, so please, excuse the crudeness.



Ok, so I have moved to London. I am also financially struggling with this project. Progress has been incredibly slow due to being unable to afford half the prototyping I want to do, and I no longer have any of the equipment I had as I have moved away from a career in crafts to a career in ICT. Until my new salary begins (and London doesn’t kill me!) progress will continue to be slow. However 2 fully finished prototypes will be available at Essen to play, and the kickstarter will follow shortly after. I am going to be using the event to finalise my agreements with the manufacturers and get a final campagin goal ready to go.


Small steps.. but a big finish will not be far away. I thank you every day for your patience. I know I am massively behind with this project, but I have so much going on in my life, I am really struggling to keep up with it all. Thank you for understanding. Your ongoing patience will not go unrewarded. An amazing game will be the end result!


Have a wonderful day!


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  1. Keep going, you’re doing well. All the best in the new career. Andy

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