OK… You’re all due an update!

I have been somewhat quiet these last few weeks following on from the UKGE 2016.

The main reason for that is because I have slowed down the pace to make sure that I create a game that is truly worthy of all the love and attention it has received. If I finish this project now and try to deliver a game in its current state, I would personally be disappointed in myself for not letting this reach its true potential. The feedback has been insane and fantastic and I think that I need to work my hardest to create the game that matches that response.

So I have spent the last few weeks talking to various companies and individuals working on setting up someone key foundations to let this build properly.

I have also ripped out the rules and am reworking them again to make the gameplay even smoother. I have redesigned the character boards, simplifying the interface and again, making it more streamline. All these changes take time and really make it very difficult to predict a final completion date. I will be having to play-test ALL of these changes and make sure that they are balanced.

So I will do better to keep you all updated, but till I knew myself in my head what was happening, I remained quiet. Now I know where I stand and what it happening next, I can announce where the project is.

SOOO! Current to-do list is:

  • Finalize character board layouts
  • Tweak character abilities and item cards
  • Minor redesign of event cards (and looking into designing a team-game deck)
  • Colour alterations to the board, devastation tokens (now called darkness tokens – thank you to the UKGE visitor suggesting this! So grateful!) and finally the city darkness board (also renamed thanks to that same visitor!)
  • Commission creation of more detailed character models
  • Order new prototypes of all finished components
  • Play-test the hell out of this game
  • Send it off to be reviewed by the world


INTERVIEW with Who Dares Rolls


Above is the game being showcased at UKGE 2016 with “Who Dares Rolls” – (http://www.whodaresrolls.com/)

The interview shows the game in its current state and talks viewers through the current gameplay elements. The kickstarter is being pushed back as I work on alterations to the rules, but all things point to positive outcomes and exciting results in the future!

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