What is Everdark?
A rotating maze strategy game for 2-4 players, where teamwork is encouraged, but by no means guaranteed. You get 3 minutes each round to hastily navigate the constantly twisting and changing labyrinth of city streets and save the people from the horrors in the dark.

Gain power. Take control.

Stay alive!

To win, you must change the layout of the maze and gain enough influence with the 3 city factions to be elected ruler of the city. You’ll work together at the start, but as heroes emerge, rivalries will form! There can only be one to rule over the City. However if you don’t protect the city, then everything will be lost! For what is there to rule over, if all that’s left is death and ruin?
There is currently nothing like this game on the market, so you’ll be part of a unique experience!
What stage is it at?
This game has reached the end of its development, but needs your help to reach the final stage – getting into your hands! To do this, all you need to do is pre-order a copy on our Kickstarter campaign, (coming soon!)


(I will add in the other components tonight… but for now. sneaky peaky view of the board delivered earlier in the week!)
The kickstarter campaign will begin in June. To pre-order a copy, back the Kickstarter and the game will be delivered directly to you by the end of the year!

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– The Walrus

2 thoughts on “EVERDARK

  1. Interested to know when this will be on kickstarter.


    1. Hi Kate, no set date yet. Working as hard as I can to complete in time for end of august and kick-start then. However it’s only me working on it, so there is a chance I will postpone until September so I can time it to run through “Spiel ’16” in Essen


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