Everdark – UK Games Expo 2016 Launch!

Welcome to Walrus Games! I am (currently) a one man development team behind the (slightly) cooperative game – EVERDARK.

EVERDARK is a rotating maze strategy game for 2-4 players, where teamwork is encouraged, but by no means guaranteed.

You get 3 minutes each round to hastily navigate the constantly twisting and changing labyrinth of city streets and save the people from the horrors in the dark.

Gain power. Take control.



It’s a semi-cooperative team based, with the players working together to save the city. However, deep down, each person has only their best interests at heart. Despite working together for a common goal, you’re also gathering support from the factions of the city. With this support, you can go on to be elected the ruler of the city.

By day, work together to stay alive.  At night, regroup and plan your strategy for the coming chaos.

You must discretely undermine your opponents by gathering support for your cause, be it a military coup, of a revolution of the people! Selfish interest and selfless sacrifice must be combined to survive and also win!


The launch will be at the UK Games Expo 2016 on 3rd – 5th June. The kickstarter campaign will be launched and funding will be raised to produce the first batch.


Be sure to come back and keep an eye on the website for upcoming details! Till then, thank you for stopping by!

-The Walrus

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